Supply Chain Innovation Change Management

Effective innovation change management is perhaps the greatest area of challenge and is said to be the cause of failure among many otherwise promising improvement programs.  Avicon has gained first hand experience in large scale transformation efforts and gained first hand insights into what works and what can cause failures.  In this offering, Avicon focuses on enabling firms to be self sufficient in their internal change management capabilities.  The firm typically partners with the internal change organization and the supply chain leaders to review and organize the key building blocks including such areas as:

  • Defining the change management risks related to the innovation effort
  • Developing a balanced strategy and roadmap for change management needs
  • Creating a sense of urgency for undertaking the effort
  • Communicating the rationale for change, the future vision and onging progress points with the effected parties
  • Designing educational components to build new expertise and acceptance of the change
  • Maintaining active involvement from the top down and the bottom up throughout the lifecycle of the effort
  • Measuring and reporting wins and losses along the way

Avicon partners with the team to close any gaps in capabilities, assist in key points along the transformation journey and act as a strategy expert and learning coach to the change leadership team.