Connecting the Supply Chain to the Boardroom

This learning module category focues on building a shared understanding between supply chain performance and boardroom interests.  Customized design specifictions can address such areas as:


  • Finance for the non-financial supply chain leader
  • The SC Performance Diamond and the need for balancing opposing outcomes
  • Calculations for key supply chain sensitive boardroom metrics
  • Implications of cash velocity in the supply chain
  • Measuring process costs in the supply chain
  • Calculating inventory carrying costs and the implications of increasing turns
  • Monitoring Cash to Cash cycle time velocity and ways to improve it
  • Comparative benchmarking for identifying strategic gaps
  • Defining and monitoring rate of innovation needed to close competitive gaps on the SC Performance Diamond
  • Segmentation and cost to serve strategy and implications
  • Strategic Profit Model deployment for evaluating alternative SC investments
  • Supply chain risk and implications to the enterprise

Learning models can vary in length from executive briefings, day long, multiple day and week long program designs.  The learning modes can include existing or client specific tailored case study examples, the diagnostic tools such as the PICOmeter financial modeling tools, the client's SC strategy, balance sheet and income statements, and cross-functional team based learning models.