Avicon Partnership Approach to Innovation Learning and Development

Partnership models are built on trust and co-investment in shared goals and objectives.  Avicon invests in it's client partnerships by building solid relationships with your team and earning their trust.  We begin this step by first listening and learning about your organizational goals, strategies and capablities.  We know the difference it makes by being committed to your success.  You will find that commitment through our availability for contact beyond the normal day, our desire to exceed your expectations and our willingness to always be open to your suggestions and feedback. 


Our approach to partnering is to work with you to fully leverage your team resources, avoid unnecessary expense and build the capability to be self-sufficient through knowledge transfer.  The Avicon menu and integrated methodology of tools, learning vehicles and skilled applied learning coaches can be flexibly configured to match your needs without any pressure to sell more than is needed.  


The true test of our partnership comes from the voice of our clients.  We will strive in every way possible to have your voice of satisfaction be our top goal.  We are focused on a smaller number of engagements, so you will receive the attention you deserve from our very best people.

Developing Customized Applied Learning Partnership Models