Designing Demand-Driven Supply Chains

Avicon addresses this area by approaching the individual firm's current capabilities in support of a demand driven environment.  The level of implementation of demand driven strategies and the opportunity to extend the mind-set beyond current applications is the foundational understanding that must be established before designing specific learning opportunities.  In this collaborative manner, Avicon works with clients on learning needs in such areas as:

  • Building a shared understanding across the functions and boardroom constituencies of the rationale for a demand driven operating model and the implications to other groups
  • Assessing the opportunity, PICO DNA gaps and impact to shareholder interests
  • Understanding the ideas of flow velocity, constraints and systems thinking as they effect the SC Performance Diamond.
  • Exploring the capabilities and strategies of leading firms who have adopted a demand-driven operating model design
  • Developing competencies in applying lean principles to the supply chain
  • Defining what would be required by the leadership body to shift the operating model over time and building a demand-driven roadmap for implementation

This category is primarily focused on building readiness in the organization to plan and organize the resources needed for implementation in the SC Enterprise-wide Process Innovation category in the next offering section that follows.