REFRAME: Ongoing Innovation Thinking and Collaboration Skills

Reframing the thinking of participants to see and respond to the supply chain operating challenges takes time. In order to reinforce this learning transition in thinking, participants must be supported and allowed to practice the deployment of their new skills through pilot applications over an extended timeframe.   Through practice and learning, the participants come to see the world in a differant manner. 


SC innovation becomes a natural way to approach performance challenges and the change is then embedded in the organizational culture at that point. Structurally, those participants who gain skilled mastery should become a cadre of internal coaches that support internal knowledge transfer to others.  The organization should also address alignment of the right incentives, development of competency models and demonstrate from the top down, the determination to stay the course of developing SC innovation as a core competency.  Support options through coaching and learning services are addressed in this learning module service offering.


Our service offerings are customized to suit the organizational learning environment.  In some firms, our support can be configured into an ongoing advisory role to individuals and teams through distance based support or on-site visits.  Others may choose a more structured partnership with their HR and internal learning team, where Avicon offers cross training and coaching to those internal resources and then serves in an advisory capacity for on-demand needs.


Typical support services are higher during the early stages of the effort and then through the development of internal coaches, the Avicon role focuses on review, periodic involvement and strengthening any areas of weakness that occur during the REFRAME work period.


Maintaining momentum and dedication to the learning process is key to success.  Avicon suggests that they maintain a reduced but active presence during the first 12 to 24 months of any SCALE implementation.