CONNECT: Supply Chain Innovation Diagnostics

CONNECT: SC Innovation Diagnostics

Developing the skill sets to guage necesary improvments in the rate of supply chain innovation, setting of goals and proirities and introducing the organization to systems thinking, supply chain DNA and assessment of constraints and capability gaps are addressed in this area.


Our CONNECT Learning Module menu at a glance:

  • Shareholder analytics including financial performance benchmarking and what if analysis tools using our PICOmeter Financial Performance Modeling
  • SC Operating Model Analytics using the PICO Assessment Diagnostic
  • Competency Development Analytics using the SC Innovation Leadership Assessment

The tools applications are done in conjunction with the RELATE Learning Module.  The tools are used in the initial analysis and can also be licensed to support ongoing application by team members. 


CONNECT solution designs are always carefully customized and supported by Avicon in collaboration with the client to match their unique requirements and expectations.  The services can be addressed in a one-time usage or on a renewable yearly license with Avicon ongoing support design options.