DEPLOY: Building the Core Competency for Supply Chain Innovation

Learning by applying the new skills for SC innovation is a fundemental building block for knowledge transfer.  By addressing gaps found in the CONNECT component, participants are supported by our innovation coaches to organize and build cross-functional teams to complete the full learning lifecycle.  Typically, this lifecycle incorporates the PICO constraint analysis of the challenge area, a PICO DNA solution evaluation and design specification, impact and business case preparation, steering sponsor go/no go decision steps, delpoyment execution and measuring the actual effect of the pilot to the key SC Performance metrics.


Through the process of "hands-on" learning deployment, participants practice their new way of seeing and responding to complex SC challenges. The learning solution designs are highly customized to fit the unique needs of the client challenge area and client learning collaboration requirements.  Further details on areas of application and the lifecycle process are addressed in this learning module service offerings.

Our DEPLOY Learning Module menu of services at a glance:

  • Connecting the Supply Chain to the Boardroom 
  • Aligning SC Strategy to Business Strategy to Win 
  • Designing Demand-Driven Supply Chains 
  • Enterprise-wide Process Innovation
  • Value Chain Segmentation
  • Extended Value Chain Alignment
  • Supply Chain Innovation Change Management
  • Custom Configured Designs


The learning module components are offered as individual focused programs.  All are learning categories and are customized to fit the clients unique needs.  The menu offering represents typical categories of learning solutions that Avicon has encountered in solving supply chain challenges and serve as a framework starter kit for those seeking support in any of these or other challenge areas within their supply chain scope. 


Further exploration of these categories are offered for each offering.