Aligning Supply Chain Innovation with the Business Strategy

Avicon assists clients in this category bridge the connection between corporate business strategy and the supply chain innovation strategy.  The learning effort here is generally done in conjunction with the strategic planning process of the firm.  Support scope and level is guided by the client's desire to develop a more structured approach to their supply chain strategic planning process and the added value of an external perspective in designing new strategies and deployment plans.


Avicon can serve in a number of ways including:


  • Collaborating on the planning process design
  • Assisting on external benchmarking analysis of performance
  • Facilitating and coaching team participants in the strategic supply chain planning process
  • Advising on metric architectures that align with business metrics and boardroom considerations
  • Supporting Executive briefings at the boardroom level to develop a broader understanding of such key issues as - SC innovation program rationale, industry best practice, impact to shareholder interests and performance and investment assessments

Avicon performs these services and supports knowledge transfer through the planning process design and completion steps or as an ad-hoc advisor for specific concern areas of the client SC strategy leadership team.