SC Competency Development Assessment

Building a learning organization requires a careful balancing of learning ingredients within the organizational culture and work models.  Our objective in applied learning is to develop the environment where employees want to learn and apply their new ideas in their everyday work environment. 


Our organizational assessment looks at your learning environment and evaluates the baseline application of learning and gaining mastery in the supply chain innovation competency.  In so doing, we create a starting point for building the necessary conditions to begin your team's learning journey.  Our perspective will be drawn from review of your supply chain practices, interviews and observations of the organizational readiness for building the new core competency in SC innovation.  The organizational readiness review gives the sponsoring organization a roadmap of strengths and identifies gaps to be filled along the way in the learning journey.


Implementation planning and work scope beyond the assessment will be based on the firm's desire to invest through incremental, smaller scale learning pilots or to embark on an organizational initiative that is more sweeping in nature.

Factors to Assess in SC Innovation Competency Development Strategy