PICO Shareholder Analytics

Avicon has developed a propriatary set of analytics which gauge competitive performance across all of the global stock exchanges by ranking firms individually among their industry classifications or in customized competitor populations.  The tool allows the firm to understand its current position within the market performance quartiles.  Firms can follow their comparative performance with trendiing to show the rate of innovation or decline across a series of supply chain sensitive boardroom metrics.  The modeling capability also accommodates "what if" evaluation of advancing upwardly to higher quartile performace and asess what the payback would be for improvement investments.  The model also allows the firm to examine the relationship between performance on their key metrics within the SC Performance Diamond and the PE ratio's within their industry.


Data for the model is drawn from Tompson Reuters  Financial Services and then processed through the Avicon financial model to make it user friendly for connecting the supply chain to the boardroom.  The model can also be used as a monitoring service to view competitor, customer or supplier performance and guage changes in their rate of improvement or decline.  This capability supports strategic discussions at the boardroom regarding investment areas and the strategic setting of necessary rates of innovation in key performance indicators.


The model can also be customized to fit the unique reporting needs of firms.  An illustration of several screen shots of the model are attached in the file below.  For further details, Avicon can discuss options and application needs, as well as demonstrating the model for a sample industry view.

PICOmeter Financial Modeling Tool Sample Illustrations

The PICO financial modeling offers many different insights into the key supply chain sensitive boardroom metrics from a competitive benchmarking perspective.  Several screen shots of the model views are contained below. 

PICOmeter Connects the Supply Chain to the Boardroom