SCALE Up Performance Program Learning and Development Delivery Options

University Campus Based Learning Models

Our educational partners include the best universities in the field of supply chain and information technology.  Our University affiliates offer the opportunity for supply chain research, ongoing immersion in new supply chain thinking and accredited/certificate based SC educational program 


Integrating applied learning into the fabric of executive programs offered through the university affiliates allows Avicon to remain on the leading edge of supply chain thinking and also to facilitate a broader, more custom configurable learning strategy among our client base.  In effect, Avicon can serve as a learning design coach on behalf of the client and guide them in their design of competency models and developmental strategies for their supply chain organization.  By joining forces with our university affiliates, the best interests of all organizations are served through this strategic alignment of knowledge and industry experience.

Client Site Based Learning Models

Applied learning is often well served by holding the learning experiences on the client site.  Central to this approach is the use of an actual internal supply chain challenge area as the learning lab for innovation applications.  Avicon has formulated learning solution set designs to address the typical challenge areas of enterprise-wide processes and inter-enterprise process collaboration with suppliers and customers, as examples.  Each of these areas can be addressed in field site locations across the globe.  Our geographic and culturial diversity of experience has spanned Asia Pacific, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East.  We have successfully navigated through the challenge of cultural differences with great results.  Our coaches are willing and able to immerse themselves in emerging markets where innovation competency development is key to growth and profitability.  A coaching approach in support of less seasoned supply chain leadership teams in these emerging markets could be just what is needed to accelerate your growth and infrastructure development progress. 

Distance Based Learning Models

In today's marketplace, learning has to be flexible to match the work schedules and time constraints of the learner.  By partnering with our university teams, Avicon can collaboratively provide customized distance based learning models for our clients.  These courses can be accomplished through new learning technology platforms supported over the internet and combined with on-site learning modules to reach more people with less cost than traditional education models.  In addition, existing open enrollment options in degree and certificate based programs can also be a part of the solution design.


As the delivery of learning and coaching services can be supported remotely and on-site, the client gains the flexibility of also availing their teams to our applied learning coaches without the traditional expense of travel, while also gaining the flexibility to configure learning around the participant's work and personal scheduling requirements.  Flexibility to create a custom tailored configuration of on-site, on campus and/or distance based solutions comes through this unique combination of delivery models.


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