Our Value Proposition

ALR Value Proposition

Learning investments are critical but the cost of education can be high and not achieve an effective ROI without integrating the learning opportunity into the workplace.  The true test in learning is that the learning causes the individual to think and act differently in their work environment. This different approach leads to a measurable return to your bottom line.


Avicon approaches this challenge in practical ways.  First, the coaches we deploy come from industry and bring a pragmatic understanding of how to solve complex supply chain challenges.  They also understand the value of education in terms of how best to accomplish knowledge transfer and energy in the learning process they deploy.  By integrating both highly experienced coaches who also have mastered the art of teaching, the participants can deal with real problems with an expert who has walked in their shoes within the disciplines of supply chain.


When this resource base is then directed to assist the participants by deploying the applied learning techniques using your actual supply chain challenge as the learning vehicle, the "hands-on" deployment combination gives immediate value to the individuals and your firm.  Learning and deploying new skills within the work environment offers much shorter time to value on your investment.  It is also much easier to evaluate the effect of this learning through the results of your team's work on supply chain innovation pilots.


Most importantly, the development of competencies is much more lasting when the participants can practice them and through those learning steps gain mastery that is sustainable over the long term.


Further, the Avicon strategy and methodology is focused on building an internal team of coaches who can, overtime, become your internal innovation leaders and thus, become independent in your innovation competency development.  By shaping the internal coaches for supply chain innovation, the cutural acceptance of the change process can also be more easily accelerated and a new career path and retention opportunity opened for your most seasoned internal supply chain practitioners.


Additional value comes when improvement savings are re-invested in further competency development efforts.   This re-investment cycle can assist your firm in growing and protecting shareholder value through your supply chain innovation competency investments.


No other firm has adopted this integrated learning approach to supply chain innovation.


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