What Differentiates the SC Winners

Supply chain leaders and their team members navigate supply chain complexity by adopting fundamental changes in their key supply chain operating system.  While there are many variants in the DNA of supply chain design considerations, the pattern among leaders is quite clear and transcends industries.  The high performers have invested in three critical capabilities that underpin their quadrant one leadership status in all four strategic outcome areas of customer, cost, capital and growth.


These three capabilities allow the leaders to improve their abilities to sense changes in demand or supply, respond more quickly to changes in real time within the window of their customer demand fulfillment requirements and manage ongoing adjustments to their market and competitive positioning by innovating faster than their competitors.  The three strategic capability investments include:


Number One:  Supply Chain Planning

The first capability investment mandate is to improve forecasting methods with improved forecast quality, faster agility in sensing changes and then realigning commitments to accommodate adjustments.  To learn more about this capability

Number Two:  Increasing SC Resiliency through Demand Driven Operations

The second capability investment mandate is focused on increasing the resiliency of the SC operating model to become more demand-driven in responding to customer requests without relying on inventory or unnecessary resourcesTo learn more about this capability

Number Three:  Building Skilled Mastery of Supply Chain Innovation

The third necesary investment mandate is in the organizational capabilities to gain a mastery level understanding of supply chain innovation.  To learn more about this capability