What Differentiates the SC Winners

Number One: Supply Chain Planning

The first capability investment mandate is to improve forecasting methods with improved forecast quality, faster agility in sensing changes and then realigning commitments to accommodate adjustments. This capability entails a fundamental transformation of the supply chain planning process across the functions and beyond the enterprise through tighter collaboration with key trading partners.


Attaining performance excellence necessitates re-thinking the adequacy of current planning processes, tools, analytical, technical and business pattern competencies to address the precision needed in today's marketplace complexity.  Looking beyond the numbers, the process and those supporting it must also address development of four additional competencies:

1. Unbounded Thinker — Thinking outside precedent

2. Partnership Builder — Seeking and connecting with complementary partners

3. Conductor/Choreographer — Orchestrating networked actions

4. Integrator — Helping partners jointly define and pursue transformative goals


To learn more about the second capability investment Increasing SC Resiliency through Demand-Driven Operations