Clearly, the events of 2008 through 2012 have served as a catylst for change in supply chain management.  Perhaps you have entered into the same reflective period as others on supply chain capital investments?  Your enterprise improvement investments may already include:

  • Altering your supply chain strategy
  • Adopting new SC planning technologies
  • Upgrading your information systems
  • Optimizing your logistics network
  • Maximizing your off-shore supply network and, and, and... 

Yet, the full achievement of your anticipated ROI or the goal of supply chain leadership continues to remain beyond your organizational reach.  Intensity rises as senior management grows inpatient and challenges missed opportunities.  Sound familiar? 


The lasting performance improvement solutions often resides outside the traditional capital investment boundaries of the supply chain.  In today's complex environment, successful supply chain leaders share a differentiating strategy.  They are investing in their human capital and enterprise capabilities residing within and outside their supply chain organization.    


SC leaders are shifting from individual competency development to building the broad strategic capabilities of their cross-organizational teams.  They are evolving their team based capabilities to manage increasing global complexities while continuously increasing their rate of innovation within the supply chain and across the enterprise.  This unique differentiator elevates the supply chain function to a strategic differentiator and allows the enterprise to tightly connect the supply chain to the boardroom, and the business strategies. 


Bottom line, winners don't just overwhelm supply chain challenges with more and more resources, they have discovered a way to grow and protect enterprise shareholder value through their supply chain:

  • They connect and deliver to company strategy, as promised
  • They have shifted from an SC functional focus to achieving strategic advantage
  • They are targeting their investments in organizational capabilities that are strategically critical
  • They are distancing themselves from competitors in the key SC outcome metrics of customer, capital, cost and growth; simultaneously

If you are at this crossroad in your enterprise and thinking beyond the SC firefight of the day, then Avicon and the SCALE-Up Performance Program is your answer.    

Avicon offers a Different SC Performance Improvement Approach - The SCALE-Up Supply Chain Performance Program


Avicon is different!  We start with a different view on the challenges confronting supply chain performance.  We have developed a different approach for improving supply chain performance in a sustainable manner.  Our solutions offer clients a different value that begins and ends with your unique needs. 


Our website offers a deeper view into these differences in our thinking, tools, approach, services, and our team.  Please take the first step in supply chain innovation by fully exploring all of the SCALE-Up Performance Program innovation ideas contained within our website.