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Avicon holds client satisfaction as their top goal.  The firm has established a solid reputation for client satisfaction.  References are available upon request.  A sampling of client feedback is offered below.

Client Example

"It’s my pleasure to offer you the strongest possible recommendation for Penn State University’s supply chain programs & services and in particular the consulting and active team facilitation of Dave Demers. It may help for me to explain the nature of SABIC’s relationship with Dave and Penn State to-date as well as the initiatives we’re currently working on with them.


We first began working with Dave in the context of a massive supply
chain transformation project (EMDAD).  Fundamental decisions had to be made within the project as to where the ultimate responsibility for supply chain planning decisions would reside: in each of the six Business Units?..or with a Company-wide supply chain planning
council which would oversee all BU and Regional decisions? Because there was considerable controversy within the company and the project over this question, we reached out to Penn State to develop a custom executive briefing for our CEO and Executive Committee members to help them look at the pros and cons of each option within
the context of global best practices. I personally worked with Dave (the key person involved from Penn State) in developing this briefing over a period of several months and found him to be head and shoulders better on several key criteria than all the other university-based faculty and other vendors I had considered:


  • Strategic understanding of the issues. He had distinctive, clear and powerful ideas about how supply chain issues and decisions directly affect overall corporate performance and, when handled properly, increase shareholder value and offer companies a distinctive, enduring competitive advantage.
  • Willingness and ability to customize. He stood out for his
    eagerness to ensure that the briefing would precisely target the issues and concerns of greatest interest to our executives. He went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that every detail of the presentation was exactly as we needed.
  • Commitment to Quality. He bent over backwards to ensure that every aspect of the briefing – from graphical look of the slides,
    to SABIC-based case examples and benchmark data – was perfect, relevant and crystal clear.
  • Engaging presentation. The two faculty members who delivered the briefing – Dave and a senior member of the faculty with
    financialexpertise -- successfully generated lively discussion and debate among our executives and had the obvious expertise
    and gravitas to field any number of aggressive questions from our executives.


As a result of this briefing, the company was able to make what we are
confident was the best decision about supply chain governance, and the EMDAD project is now approaching a successful completion.


Since this briefing, SABICLearning (the corporate university) has
negotiated a long-term strategic relationship with Penn State for supply chain and supply chain planning learning. Within the context of that relationship I have since worked closely with Dave to develop two custom program series, one on supply chain fundamentals,
the other a continuing series of applied learning sessions aimed at helping our SC planners and their counterparts in the business identify and address specific cross-functional challenges which constrain the effectiveness of our supply chain performance. Dave has
continued to demonstrate the same high level of supply chain expertise, consulting skill and commitment to excellence as before, and both program series have become tremendously important components of SABIC’s continued supply chain performance improvement and innovation.


Best regards,


Jim Seaton”

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